Claim Victory with Beth

Winnie the Pooh said, "Words are the source of misunderstanding." We couldn't agree more! The spoken word is powerful, and what we say creates our reality.

Claim Victory with Beth is a tool to help you to develop more faith, and teach you the benefits of asking for what you need. Some of us have been taught that it's wrong to "want." Yet, we were created with basic needs to be met. Instincts are part and parcel of living as a human being. Would it be wrong for a bird to want dried leaves to line its nest? Of course not. Then, why do some of us buy into the idea that it is selfish to want the things we need to live well?

Winnie the Pooh with a butterfly on his noise.

Why don't you ask for what you really desire? Give it a shot. How can you do that? The format below will make it simple. Feel free to print out the page so you can "fill in the blanks" and carry it with you wherever you practice your morning connection ritual. Or lay it beside your bed so you can say the words before you retire at night. However, whenever, or wherever . . . just give it a go! You'll be amazed at the blessings that are in store for you when you gain the ability to believe that God is absolutely crazy about you and longs for relationship. Ask Him for what you need today!


Read the sentences below, and wherever there is a blank, fil it in with something that matters deeply to you. For example, the first sentence could be completed with: Now that I am gainfully employed, life is wonderful. This would be a perfect example for someone who is looking for work, or hoping to earn more on the job. Your words have power. Don't hold back. Fill out the each sentence from your heart.

Next, get quiet. Turn your thoughts away from everything. At first you will probably have to be alone to do this, but eventually you will be able to practice this no matter what is going on around you. Follow these steps.

  1. Read the statements out loud, if possible. Even on days when you don’t feel connection, don’t think it’s working -- read it anyway. Out loud, if possible. That way, you’ll hear the words as you speak them.
  2. Repeat at least once per day.
  3. Over the next year or so, notice when what you speak comes true.
  4. Get ready to be amazed. Limitations you've held dear for years will melt away like butter in a hot skillet.

Now that I am ___, life is wonderful.

I enjoy the ___ that has poured into my life.

I am happy with this state of being because it serves my mission statement.

I am surrounded with & __, and I am attracting healthy people to share my life journey.

I am highly regarded in God's Kingdom, and I walk in grace, surrounded by love and favor.

I am happy that __.

I am blessed that _.

I claim __.

I am thrilled to have moved to this new phase of life, and I welcome all good knowing that it will flow in, with and through me into the lives of those I meet.

God has heard my prayer, and honors my desires because I delight in Him.